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Founded in the heart of Woolwich, London, in November 2020, Peter's Panas emerged during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Inspired by a vision to fill a culinary void in the area, Pedro Lopez, the founder, set out on a mission to introduce the vibrant and authentic flavors of Venezuelan cuisine to South East London.

Our Culinary Mission: Blending Tradition with Warmth

At Peter's Panas, we're on a mission to provide more than just delicious food; we want to offer a quick, flavorful, and heartwarming experience. Our menu is a fusion of Venezuelan recipes that bring the taste of Latin America to your palate. We believe in creating a warm and friendly environment where every visit feels like a journey into the heart of Venezuela.

Beyond Customers, We Are Family: Nuestros Panas

What sets Peter's Panas apart is our unique customer engagement approach. Beyond transactions, we foster a sense of community, making our customers feel like they are not just patrons but cherished members of our extended family - they are nuestros panas.

Expanding Horizons: From Central Kitchen to Every Corner

Starting with a central kitchen, a food truck, and a trailer, Peter's Panas has grown to offer diverse services, including mobile catering, market trading, and online delivery. As we evolve, we are venturing into the wholesale sector, catering to the culinary needs of restaurants and businesses.

Taking Over London, One Arepa at a Time

Peter's Panas is not just a local eatery; it's a culinary movement with a bold vision - to take over London, one arepa at a time. Our journey is a testament to resilience, passion, and the belief that great food has the power to unite communities.

Join us on this flavorful adventure, and let's make every corner in the UK resonate with the taste and warmth of Peter's Panas.

Let’s Work Together

Unit 2-4, Commonwealth Buildings London


Tel: +447306330062

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