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Pabellon Arepa in South East London

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

The arepa is a symbol of the Venezuelan indigenous tradition, is more relevant than ever and from @peterspanas we will make London know it in depth. Today, I offer you and invite you to delight yourself with the flavor of the well-known arepa from Pabellón Criollo. I recommend that you eat it at lunch, but if you prefer, it is just as good as a nutritious breakfast. I will explain to you, the base of all good and exquisite arepas is pre-cooked cornmeal, whether it is roasted or fried. The Pabellón filling will make you taste the typical food of Venezuela, which owes its name to colonial times. The filling consists of "refried" black beans, shredded meat, fried ripe plantain slices, the delight to the palate and if you prefer a touch of grated cheese... at @peterspanas we have a mission to conquer the UK, one arepa at a time.

Also we have plenty of other options such as Arepa de Reina pepeada or Queen Pepiada, la Catira aka The Blondie , la Sifrina or the Posh, la Pelúa also known as The Hairy, Domino our Veggie Option… A corner of Venezuela in the world. In future post, we will tell you the story of why our arepas have such peculiar names.

Arepa Pabellon is a typical food whose origin dates back to the 18th century, it was the food of the natives and slaves present in Venezuela. The variety of its flavor is what gave it its popularity, which has allowed it to be present today.

Order online right now! Through UberEats or visit us at our shop @woolwichmarketuk @peterspanas @panitasdog

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