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Peter's Panas in Woolwich

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Peter’s Panas is a restaurant that specializes in the Venezuelan and Latin American cuisine. We offer a unique and delicious food experience with dishes like cachapas, arepas, tequenos, and even Venezuelan dishes.

Experience the taste of Venezuela

We offer authentic Venezuelan dishes served in a modern atmosphere. You can get everything from arepas to tequenos to cachapas and more. All of our menu items are authentic and made fresh daily.

Casual dining experience

At The Arepas we offer a casual dining experience where you can enjoy your favorite foods without all the fuss. You can bring your kids and even your four-legged friends with you! We also have plenty of space for larger groups to celebrate any occasion with us.

Innovative dishes from the heart of Venezuela

Our chef has been cooking since he was a kid in Venezuela - when he moved to the US he started his own business! At The Arepas we combine our influences from both cultures to create new, innovative dishes from the heart of Venezuela.

Arepa's, the power breakfast

We're on a mission to make Venezuelan food as popular as possible. You can support our quest by ordering from our restaurant and sharing our food with your friends.

Arepas for all occasions

Don't worry about the occasion, we've got you covered. Whether it's a quick breakfast or an afternoon snack, we've got some of the best arepas in town for any occasion.

Venezuelan food, right on your door step

We deliver to select areas in South East London, and we'll even throw in some Venezuelan fried plantains (tequenos) for you!

Order Arepas in London:

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