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Get Ready London, Venezuelan Food is Here to Take Over!

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Are you tired of the same old dining options in London?

Are you looking for something new and exciting to try? Look no further because Venezuelan food is here to take over the London food scene and it's about time you jump on the bandwagon or food truck 🤟🏻🫓.

You might be wondering what is so special about Venezuelan food, but trust us, once you give it a try, you'll be hooked. From arepas to empanadas and pabellon, every dish is packed with bold flavors and made with fresh ingredients. But that's not all, Venezuelan food is not just delicious, it's also affordable, diverse and healthy.

One of the best places to get your hands on authentic Venezuelan food in London is at Peter's Panas. With multiple locations in the city, Peter's Panas offers a range of delicious dishes such as arepas, cachapas, tequeños, empanadas, and pabellon. Not only that, but they are now running 7 days a week via UberEats, so you can enjoy their delicious food from the comfort of your own home.

Venezuelan cuisine is a melting pot of Indigenous, African and Spanish influences. This diversity of flavors and ingredients is what makes Venezuelan food so unique and interesting. Each dish has its own story, so by trying Venezuelan food you're not just satisfying your hunger, but you're also exploring a new culture.

If you're still not convinced, here are 5 reasons why you need to try Venezuelan food:

  1. Arepas: These fried cornmeal sandwiches are taking over London and they're not stopping anytime soon. They're versatile, tasty and affordable.

  2. Empanadas: These savory pastries are a staple of Venezuelan street food and they're perfect for a quick and tasty snack on the go.

  3. Pabellon: This traditional dish of shredded beef, black beans, plantains and white rice is a hearty and flavorful meal that is sure to satisfy even the biggest appetites.

  4. Diverse: Venezuelan cuisine is incredibly diverse with influences from Indigenous, African and Spanish cultures, making it always exciting and interesting to try.

  5. Affordable: Many dishes such as arepas and empanadas can be purchased for a few pounds, making them a great option for a quick and cheap meal.

It's time to step out of your comfort zone and give Venezuelan food a try. You won't regret it

At Peter's Panas, we're proud to offer authentic, traditional dishes that showcase the very best of Venezuelan cuisine. Our arepas, for example, are made from a dough of cornmeal and water, and then fried to perfection. They can be filled with a variety of savory or sweet ingredients, making them the perfect choice for any meal of the day. And don't miss our tequeños, deep-fried rolls of dough filled with cheese, which are a Venezuelan classic.

But there's more to discover at Peter's Panas than just arepas and tequeños! Our menu includes a wide range of other delicious dishes, such as empanadas, filled pastries that are perfect for a quick and satisfying snack, and pabellon, a traditional dish of shredded beef, black beans, plantains, and white rice, which is sure to satisfy even the biggest appetites.

Why is Venezuelan cuisine so special?

For one, it's incredibly diverse, with influences from Indigenous, African, and Spanish cultures. This diversity is reflected in the wide range of flavors and ingredients found in our dishes, making it a cuisine that is always exciting and interesting to try. Additionally, it's affordable and healthy with many dishes that are grilled or baked, rather than fried.

But don't just take our word for it - come and experience the flavors and delights of Venezuelan cuisine for yourself. With multiple locations in London, including Woolwich, Plumstead, Chartlon, O2 London, and Here East in Stratford, you can enjoy our delicious food at any time. And now, with the option to order via UberEats, you can enjoy the taste of Venezuela from the comfort of your own home. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you!

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