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Arepas in London

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Did you know that you have the opportunity to taste @peterspanas in London?

one of the most famous Venezuelan arepas in the world, the popular Reina pepiada or queen pepeada, named after Susana Duijm, the first Hispanic American to win the crown of Miss World in 1955. This rich typical Venezuelan food that is usually consumed at any time of the day, has as a base filling shredded chicken or hen, mashed avocado, mayonnaise. You will be delighted by how soft the filling is with the crunchy layer formed by the roasting of the corn flour, the base of all good arepas and with an exquisite flavor. Get it at @peterspanas @panitasdog which is taking over London, one arepa at a time.

Or if you prefer, in our menu you can also find Arepa de Pabellón Criollo, la Catira, la Sifrina, la Pelúa or Peluda, Domino, Gringa and even a widow… A corner of Venezuela in the world. In future installments I will tell you the story of why our arepas have such peculiar names.

We already know the reason for the name Reina, now I will tell you that the pepiada or pepeada, comes from the harmonious curves of Venezuelan women. Pepeada or pepiada curious Venezuelan qualifier to describe a woman with good curves.

Order online right now! Through UberEats or visit us at our shop @woolwichmarketuk @peterspanas @panitasdog

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