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Peter’s Panas: The Best of Royal Greenwich Awards 2023

Welcome to the heartwarming tale of Peter’s Panas, a culinary venture that brings a taste of Venezuela to the vibrant streets of London. We're excited to share our journey and invite you to vote for us in the Royal Greenwich Business Awards. It’s a simple process that can make a big difference. Just click here to cast your vote!

A Lockdown Beginning: Peter’s Panas Takes Flight

In November 2020, when lockdowns were in full swing, the dream of a young individual sparked a delicious idea. Peter's Panas was born from the desire to share the warmth and flavors of Venezuelan food. Starting with a humble, self-made food trailer, our founder embarked on a culinary adventure.

Making Arepas Famous: Our Vision and Values

At Peter’s Panas, our vision is simple but ambitious – "Make the Arepa Worldwide." Our short-term goal? "Take over London, One Arepa at a Time." We believe in the power of food to bridge cultures, and we're on a mission to introduce Londoners to the delightful world of Venezuelan cuisine.

Peter’s Panas: A Community Commitment

We take pride in our close-knit connection with the community and the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Our journey has been marked by significant milestones:

  • Collaborating with WSUP to deliver meals to those experiencing homelessness in Woolwich.

  • Committing to being a Living Wage Employer, ensuring fair compensation for our team.

  • Actively participating in Shop Local Campaigns to support fellow market traders and entrepreneurs in the area.

Pioneers of Venezuelan Flavors in South East London

As the very first Venezuelan food trader in South East London, Peter's Panas has come a long way. From that self-made food trailer, we've expanded to include a food van, a central kitchen, and a mobile setup, all to share the authentic taste of Venezuela with our beloved Londoners.

Vote for Peter’s Panas – Help Us Serve You Better!

Your vote in the Royal Greenwich Business Awards can be a game-changer for Peter's Panas. Winning will enable us to enhance our service, share more exquisite Venezuelan flavors, and continue taking London on a delectable journey. It’s easy, just click here to cast your vote. We appreciate your support!

As we wrap up this story, we want to express our gratitude for your time and potential votes. Your support is crucial in helping us grow, so we can keep serving the finest Venezuelan cuisine in London. Cast your vote, and let’s create more memorable culinary moments together. Thank you!